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Introducing Q-SPARK-C10

Our Q-SPARK laser family expanded with new member.  Q-SPARK-C10 is producing pulse energy of 20 mJ @1064 nm at 10 Hz pulse repetition rate. Pulse duration was measured to be <1.5 ns, typical peak power is estimated to be in 15 MW range. The laser can be configured with build-in 2nd, 3rd or 4th optional harmonics generator. Optional attenuator and pulse energy monitors are available as well.

Visit us at EMSLIBS 2019 conference

This year we are sponsoring and attending EMSLIBS 2019 conference in Brno, Czech Republic on 8 – 13th September, 2019. We will exhibit our updated and new products – air-cooled, water-free, diode-pumped lasers.See you soon!