Harmonics generators

  • Stand-alone modules for up to fifth harmonics generation.
  • Two output ports – for specified harmonics output and residual (unconverted) wavalengths.
  • Thermostabilized non-linear crystals are kept above room temperature for long lifetime.
  • For detailed output energy specifications check datasheets of our lasers.

Motorized attenuators

  • Attachable to the laser body, easy to install attenuators.
  • Compatible with all our Q-Switched Lasers.
  • Models for fundamental, second, third, fourth and fifth harmonics wavelengths.

Pulse energy monitors

  • Drop-in laser pulse energy or power monitoring (up to 100 samples/second).
  • Less than 2% insertion losses.
  • 12-bit resoliution.
  • Average pulse energy and pulse-to-pulse stability calculation.
  • Sample&Hold analog output from BNC socket on the rear panel of laser controller.
  • Digital readout trough laser Ethernet interface.
  • Optional broadband version for 210-2300 nm range.

Fiber delivery

  • Designed to deliver pulsed laser radiation to sample via fiber.
  • 365, 550 and 910 μm diameter fiber cores.
  • 2 m standard fiber length, longer fibers by request.
  • 350 -1100 nm wavelength range.
  • Customized beam delivery systems by request.