Introducing Q-SHIFT laser family

Meet our latest product: Q-SHIFT laser family. Q-SHIFT is family of Q-switched lasers with build-in nonlinear wavelength conversion stage that allows to produce wavelengths that are not accessible with conventional solid-state laser sources. As pump sources our Nd:YAG or Nd:YLF lasers of Q2 or Q2HE series are used.

Q-SHIFT lasers has typical pulse duration of 2 – 5 ns with pulse energy up to 50 mJ and repetition rate to up to 100 Hz.

The wavelengths and pulse energies available are shown in picture below.

High peak intensity pulses at visible wavelengths (blue, yellow and red) are provided when Q-SHIFT laser is combined with our attachable SHG or stand-alone H-SMART harmonic generator. Read more…